Winter Love

Nothing says winter like a New England blizzard. Big flakes and blustery winds descended on Cohasset at the Red Lion Inn this past January for Jenna and Joe’s wedding celebration, creating a setting you’d only find on a magazine cover. This storm had the entire northeast taking cover, but nothing could have stood in the way of these two.

Jenna and Joe braved the outdoors for possibly our favorite first look ever while the Amara’s, Quilty’s and friends cozied up in the barn for a ceremony that went off without a hitch. After, the party kicked off with cocktails in the Saloon only to be outdone by some wild entrances back in the barn for the reception, hosted by Sweet Tooth and the Sugar Babies. 

The band set the tone and this crowd with Jenna and Joe as lead, answered the call. We had a blast capturing some unforgettable moments and we hope you enjoy the highlights. If you missed it, don’t forget to check out the wedding preview below!