Love Loud

It is widely accepted scientific fact that Greek wedding celebrations are full of singing, dancing and of course, making it rain. 

For those few skeptics, we present to you the case of the Spiliakos-Butler wedding celebration this past May at the Hilton in Danvers as irrefutable evidence that Greek weddings are the cats pajamas, the bomb-dot-com, (insert shameless analogy).

Amidst all the wild and craziness is not only the story of Evan and Stephanie’s BIG, BOLD love for each other but also the love they share with all of their family and friends, everyday. 

It was evident from the first time we met Stephanie and Evan that they are the type of people that you could bump into on a street corner and walk away thinking to yourself: I think we just became best friends with those people. So here’s to Evan and Steph for teaching us how to love loud and love often! We hope you enjoy the highlights!