Wedding Highlight

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of Ashley and Brian. It was a windy and snow covered day at the Warren Conference Center and Inn in Ashland, MA. but that didn't stop the couple from braving the outdoors for photo's or the first look. 

Inside the conference center was surprisingly rustic and the decor Ashley and Brian selected matched up with both the winter atmosphere outside and the cabin-like interior of the venue. Despite a couple spills, the bridal party entrances were a hit. Toasts were outstanding and Ashley's father presented a special gift that was very unique. 

The photo booth was a popular spot for the guests but not as filled in as the dance floor. I can't say that all of the dance moves we witnessed had a name, or were even legal, perhaps they were interpretive but either way who cares?! Its a wedding ba-by, not dancing with the stars!

It was such a pleasure working with Ashley and Brian. I bumped into them again just before Christmas at a wedding and it was great to catch up. Congratulations on your first anniversary and hope to see you again soon!