Eternal Love

To steal a couple lines from a great toast we’ve heard in the past…Sometimes two people meet and you discover an instant connection. As the old saying goes, when you know, you know. It’s the perfect way to describe the love that Pat and Amanda found eleven years ago and since then, they’ve never looked back. 

In fact, it was on June 4, 2016, their 11 year anniversary that the pair tied the knot. It was clear that Pat and Amanda’s love for each other was the real deal and as we discovered, so was their love for their family and their crazy, crazy....craaazy friends. This crew was thick as thieves and I think its safe to say this wasn’t their first time all out partying together. 

We were thrilled to be there to capture Pat and Amanda's victory lap. Here are some of the highlights and don’t forget to catch the preview below if you missed it. Congrats to Pat and Amanda!




Love From Above

As wedding cinematographers, we come a cross so many great couples who met and began their relationship in very different ways. Somewhere between the first date and the engagement, their relationship is tested and in that they discover not only that the love they share is true, but was made stronger as they stood together in a most challenging time. 

As you’ll see, Alicia and Mike’s journey together has withstood a great loss, and how they handled that says a lot about who they are as people and how powerful love can be. 

We were honored to be a part of this special day. This one’s for Suzanne and the new Mr & Mrs Pritchard! 



Cinematographers: Andrew Sambuco Amy DeMar-DuBois

Wedding Planning: Marrero Events

Photographer: Kelly Dillon Bedard

One Night In The City

The DiRusso’s, Rossi’s and friends headed downtown to the Westin in Copley Square this past December to celebrate the wedding of Stephanie and Jon. It was a clear calm night in Boston creating a wonderful setting of both candle and city lights for the couple to exchange their vows.

Aftwerward, the reception started off with a bang as the wedding party was introduced followed by the newlyweds taking center stage for their first dance. Now, it was reported that these two families were masters in the craft of party-going and we’re happy to say that they did not disappoint, the dance floor was packed all night with wild friends and family.

So without further ado, here's the preview! We hope you enjoy and congrats to Stephanie and Jon!


The Universal Language

This past November we were with Chris and Jeff at the Commanders Mansion in Watertown for their wedding celebration. The place was packed with family and friends from all over the United States as well as Ireland annnnd the Azores!

It was truly a multicultural affair. Despite their different places of origin, all in attendance were there to share their love and support for Chris and Jeff, giving testament to the old saying that love is the universal language. 

This was a wild and crazy crew and we had such good time capturing Chris and Jeff's wedding day. Here are just some of the good parts. We hope you enjoy and congratulations to the new Mister and Mister!


Ernie & Christina Tie The Knot

This crisp fall air has all of us New Englanders bracing for another inevitably cold, dark, snowy winter. Time to get nostalgic! Let's all think back to this awesome summer weather we had and for those of us who were lucky enough to be there, re-live some moments from Ernie and Christina's wedding that was set on a warm, bright, beautiful summer day.

The couple and their sun-kissed guests arrived in Malden at the Immaculate Conception to witness Ernie and Christina say their I do's...and they did. Then it was off to the Marriott in Burlington to celebrate and this wedding party did exactly that. After some athletic entrances, warm toasts and cake, Ernie and his buddies collaborated for some high risk maneuvers on the dance floor and they stuck the landing. 

It was a wild and crazy night and as we learned, that's how the Ardolino's and Petrella's roll. We hope you enjoy the highlights. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Kristen & Sam's Wedding Sneak Peek

We're back at the Tupper Manor, this year to celebrate the wedding of Kristen and Sam. Once again, we took to the air with our go pro to capture some aerial shots of this awesome venue. Meanwhile on the ground, the Godfather shared some special words for the couple and their guests. You'd like him, he's really down to earth. 

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek of Kristen and Sam and their unique story about the value of friendship. 

Kelly & Andrew Hit The Books

We live in the digital age. We're all connected to a massive social network through our devices or for some, to their devices. Strangely enough a lot of people feel its really hard to meet someone new. I mean who meets at a dog park anymore, really? 

That's right, straight out of your favorite Rom-Com Kelly and Andrew and their furry companions met at a dog park in Dallas. There was love in the air, and perhaps some puppy love too. Fast forward to this August in Boston where the couple tied the knot at the historic Arlington Street Church. The street corners were packed with curious travelers snapping some photo's of the newlyweds (on their smartphones, duh). Some even asked for a photo with the bride! Of course, Kelly kindly obliged. 

After the ceremony, family and friend's skipped across town to the Boston Public Library for the reception. All we can say is WOW. The library had been transformed by Alyssa, her BPL team and Nicole at Simeral Co.

After a couple toasts and some cake it was time for The Elements to start the party and whoa, forget the noise complaints, they blew the lid off the place! 

We really enjoyed capturing some great moments for this awesome couple. We hope you enjoy the highlights. Congrats to Kelly and Andrew! 

Chris & Amanda's Ring Ceremony

It's been one hell of a week in New England. Labor day weekend brought about the exoneration of our beloved Tom Brady and tomorrow Pats Nation will hang the banner and flaunt their 4th Super Bowl rings before the season opener. It just so happens we're ready to show you Chris and Amanda's Patriots themed wedding highlight, what timing! 

It was a scorcher in July when the couple kicked off their wedding celebrations. But inside Chris and Amanda's nerves were as cool as the other side of the pillow. After nine years together, the reception was a reflection of their relationship together, a lot of fun. 

Congratulations to Amanda, Chris and their crazy families! We hope you enjoy the highlights!   

Michael & Janet's Seaport Wedding

It was an unusually cool and rainy day at the Seaport Hotel this past June. However, inside the warmth of family and friends could be felt as Michael and Janet tied the knot. The traditional Jewish ceremony was performed by Michael's close friend Moshe, an esteemed Rabbi and coincidentally a master of comedic timing. It was easily the funniest ceremony we've ever been to!

After, the Men in Black kicked off the reception with a bang, followed by a couple of awesome musical performances by friends of the newlyweds, tons of dancing, but most of all there was cowbell. Lots and lots of cowbell. We're excited to share the highlights. Congrats to Michael and Janet!  

Into The Woods

The Loughnane's, Vitali's and friends huffed it into the woods this June to the Essex Retreat and Conference Center in Essex, MA. The natural landscape surrounding the campground was beautiful and full of wildlife, unique metal art sculptures and a natural brook that spilled into a pond covered in lily pads. It was straight out of a disney movie. We were half expecting a character to pop out from behind a tree. 

Family and friends gathered around the pond as Pat and Danielle stood on the peninsula to say their I do's, and they did Guinness. After the couple was introduced, Jack and Jessica toasted the newlyweds, then they dropped the mic. From then on it was nothing but cake mushing, s'more cooking and soul training. 

This was a fun one for sure, we hope you enjoy the highlight! Congrats to Pat and Danielle! 

Rick & Steff's Wedding Rhyme

With a crisp breeze of love in the air, Rick and Steffanie tied the knot at the Willowdale Estate in Topsfield Massachusetts this past May. Their family and friends were a lively bunch and we captured a ton of great moments, too many to fit in this highlight. Melissa, the Matron of Honor delivered a really cool toast in the form of a 'Dr. Suess'- like poem. It was carefully crafted, just like this video! Thanks Melissa, we dug it! 

We hope you enjoy and don't forget to check out the slide show below and Rick and Steff's Instagram preview trailer. Just follow the hashtag! #rickandsteff



Cue the Duck Boats!!! What an unbelievable win for the Patriots. I didn't get to the parade early enough to get a good spot but still got some pretty good video. I kind of just slapped it together. Didn't want to make a big production out of it. Besides, I didn't get a great shot of Brady, and Gronk was missing from his float when they rolled by School St. He was probably crowd surfing.

In any case, it was a surprisingly warm day and all the talk about people not showing up because of the snow was bogus. The streets were packed with Patriots fans. 

Edelman was wearing only wearing a T-shirt like the maniac that he is. What a beast! He was my favorite player to watch this season and I thought he deserved the Super Bowl MVP as much as anyone. 



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