Omni Parker House

Brian & Patrice's NYE Wedding

There are lots of ways to celebrate the new year, some more memorable than others. You can head into town with your respecitve wolfpack and raise hell…or order in, kick your feet up and watch the ball drop…or you could do it like Patrice and Brian. Invite all of your family and friends to the historic Omni Parker House in Boston for a wedding celebration and really class it up. 

If you missed it, you missed out! The reception was jam packed with memorable moments, like some great toasts to the bride and groom, a special dance shared by Patrice and Brian’s grandmothers and a surprisingly well performed rendition of a Backstreet Boys song by Brian the Xaverian crew…safe to say it wasn’t their first time doing it. 

Here are some highlights to enjoy! Congratulations to Patrice and Brian and Happy 2016! 


Cue the Duck Boats!!! What an unbelievable win for the Patriots. I didn't get to the parade early enough to get a good spot but still got some pretty good video. I kind of just slapped it together. Didn't want to make a big production out of it. Besides, I didn't get a great shot of Brady, and Gronk was missing from his float when they rolled by School St. He was probably crowd surfing.

In any case, it was a surprisingly warm day and all the talk about people not showing up because of the snow was bogus. The streets were packed with Patriots fans. 

Edelman was wearing only wearing a T-shirt like the maniac that he is. What a beast! He was my favorite player to watch this season and I thought he deserved the Super Bowl MVP as much as anyone. 



 4 TIME