Winter Wedding

Winter Love

Nothing says winter like a New England blizzard. Big flakes and blustery winds descended on Cohasset at the Red Lion Inn this past January for Jenna and Joe’s wedding celebration, creating a setting you’d only find on a magazine cover. This storm had the entire northeast taking cover, but nothing could have stood in the way of these two.

Jenna and Joe braved the outdoors for possibly our favorite first look ever while the Amara’s, Quilty’s and friends cozied up in the barn for a ceremony that went off without a hitch. After, the party kicked off with cocktails in the Saloon only to be outdone by some wild entrances back in the barn for the reception, hosted by Sweet Tooth and the Sugar Babies. 

The band set the tone and this crowd with Jenna and Joe as lead, answered the call. We had a blast capturing some unforgettable moments and we hope you enjoy the highlights. If you missed it, don’t forget to check out the wedding preview below!  

Brian & Patrice's NYE Wedding

There are lots of ways to celebrate the new year, some more memorable than others. You can head into town with your respecitve wolfpack and raise hell…or order in, kick your feet up and watch the ball drop…or you could do it like Patrice and Brian. Invite all of your family and friends to the historic Omni Parker House in Boston for a wedding celebration and really class it up. 

If you missed it, you missed out! The reception was jam packed with memorable moments, like some great toasts to the bride and groom, a special dance shared by Patrice and Brian’s grandmothers and a surprisingly well performed rendition of a Backstreet Boys song by Brian the Xaverian crew…safe to say it wasn’t their first time doing it. 

Here are some highlights to enjoy! Congratulations to Patrice and Brian and Happy 2016! 

New To The Neighborhood

The Graham's, Kiselius' and friends were kicking it in Quincy this past December for the wedding celebration of Katie and Steve. It was a yuletide atmosphere around town, especially at the Neighborhood Club, where the reception was held. The same spot that Katie's parents were married, not SO long ago....but a little ways back.

Now, Katie & Steve carry on tradition and begin their own family rooted in friendship, laughter and love. We had a great time capturing some special moments for these two, we hope you enjoy the highlights! Introducing your new neighbors, the Grahams!  

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of Ashley and Brian. It was a windy and snow covered day at the Warren Conference Center and Inn in Ashland, MA. but that didn't stop the couple from braving the outdoors for photo's or the first look. 

Inside the conference center was surprisingly rustic and the decor Ashley and Brian selected matched up with both the winter atmosphere outside and the cabin-like interior of the venue. Despite a couple spills, the bridal party entrances were a hit. Toasts were outstanding and Ashley's father presented a special gift that was very unique. 

The photo booth was a popular spot for the guests but not as filled in as the dance floor. I can't say that all of the dance moves we witnessed had a name, or were even legal, perhaps they were interpretive but either way who cares?! Its a wedding ba-by, not dancing with the stars!

It was such a pleasure working with Ashley and Brian. I bumped into them again just before Christmas at a wedding and it was great to catch up. Congratulations on your first anniversary and hope to see you again soon!