boston harbor

Mina & Marie's Boston Harbor Wedding

I think anyone can agree that brain surgery is some very serious business. You don't want just anyone poking around in your noggin, luckily we've just run into two of them that are about to tie the knot and lets just say we really dig their bedside manner. 

After a really funny gift exchange between our couple, the Safain and Roguski families gathered at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross to witness Mina and Marie say their I do's...and they did. Next the newlyweds and their bridal party headed over to the common for some photos and ran into a lot of wildlife. Back at the Boston Harbor Hotel, their guests enjoyed cocktail hour with a sweet view of the harbor and luckily our couple was able to join them for a few.

The reception kicked off with a bang thanks to Mina and Marie who floored us with some killer dance moves. The toasts from family and friends were all so good we used a little bit from everyone for this highlight. Afterward, Mina and Marie executed a minor cake procedure that was looked like it was getting a little hairy, but rest assured the surgical team had it under control and no cakes were harmed, well sort of. The rest of the night was a non-stop dance party, it was wild! 

So remember, if you're in the market for a couple surgeons that have a direct line to your funny bone and our nothing short of spectacular people, look up Mina and Marie. We had a such a great time capturing their wedding day and we hope you enjoy the highlights! 

Harborside with John & Micaela

We’re back in the Harbor! This time with the Flynn/Mangino families to celebrate the wedding if Micaela and John. The sky was a clear blue an we got a perfect sea breeze that came in handy for some great photo ops with Micaela’s flowing veil and a great first look on the boardwalk. 

Afterwards, the bridal party jumped on the trolley to Charlestown for the ceremony. Surrounded by their closest family and friends Micaela and John said their I do’s. Then it was back on the trolley to the Hyatt for a refreshing cocktail hour and just as the sun was setting the reception kicked off.

We had some rowdy entrances by the bridal party and then our newlyweds showcased some slick dance moves! The Father of the Bride welcomed everyone with a great toast complete with puns and props. The maid of honor had some kind words of joy and admiration for her big sister and the best man made some confessions that as he put it, felt so good to get off his chest. It always does, doesn’t it?! Dave…we hope you catch a fish soon.

From there it was a non stop dance party with a brief intermission to take a big group photo with John, Micaela and the UNH, Mass Maritime crews. We had a great time hanging with this crew and we’re excited to show you the highlights, enjoy!