Kristen & Sam's Wedding Sneak Peek

We're back at the Tupper Manor, this year to celebrate the wedding of Kristen and Sam. Once again, we took to the air with our go pro to capture some aerial shots of this awesome venue. Meanwhile on the ground, the Godfather shared some special words for the couple and their guests. You'd like him, he's really down to earth. 

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek of Kristen and Sam and their unique story about the value of friendship. 

Chris & Amanda's Ring Ceremony

It's been one hell of a week in New England. Labor day weekend brought about the exoneration of our beloved Tom Brady and tomorrow Pats Nation will hang the banner and flaunt their 4th Super Bowl rings before the season opener. It just so happens we're ready to show you Chris and Amanda's Patriots themed wedding highlight, what timing! 

It was a scorcher in July when the couple kicked off their wedding celebrations. But inside Chris and Amanda's nerves were as cool as the other side of the pillow. After nine years together, the reception was a reflection of their relationship together, a lot of fun. 

Congratulations to Amanda, Chris and their crazy families! We hope you enjoy the highlights!   

Michael & Janet's Seaport Wedding

It was an unusually cool and rainy day at the Seaport Hotel this past June. However, inside the warmth of family and friends could be felt as Michael and Janet tied the knot. The traditional Jewish ceremony was performed by Michael's close friend Moshe, an esteemed Rabbi and coincidentally a master of comedic timing. It was easily the funniest ceremony we've ever been to!

After, the Men in Black kicked off the reception with a bang, followed by a couple of awesome musical performances by friends of the newlyweds, tons of dancing, but most of all there was cowbell. Lots and lots of cowbell. We're excited to share the highlights. Congrats to Michael and Janet!  

Into The Woods

The Loughnane's, Vitali's and friends huffed it into the woods this June to the Essex Retreat and Conference Center in Essex, MA. The natural landscape surrounding the campground was beautiful and full of wildlife, unique metal art sculptures and a natural brook that spilled into a pond covered in lily pads. It was straight out of a disney movie. We were half expecting a character to pop out from behind a tree. 

Family and friends gathered around the pond as Pat and Danielle stood on the peninsula to say their I do's, and they did Guinness. After the couple was introduced, Jack and Jessica toasted the newlyweds, then they dropped the mic. From then on it was nothing but cake mushing, s'more cooking and soul training. 

This was a fun one for sure, we hope you enjoy the highlight! Congrats to Pat and Danielle! 

Krista & Justin's Homecoming

It all began at Merrimack back in 2006 when these two collegiate athletes met one night as freshmen. Nine years later, Krista and Justin came back to their meeting place to tie the knot. After some wise words from Father Jim, the couple and their wild guests shipped it to the Tewksbury CC and turned up the volume. 

The bridal party flashed some serious creativity during introductions. There were selfie sticks, a walk off for the ages and a high profile celebrity appearance, who's identity we are not at liberty to disclose. After came some hilarious and also emotional toasts from friends and family. Then, the band, Night Rhythm came with the kick drum and kept the dance floor packed all night. We had a great time at this wedding and we're excited to share their story. Congratulations to Krista and Justin! 

Katy & Andy Make Fireworks

As it turns out, July 4th weekend isn't the only time to light some fireworks. The flames of LoOove were burning in late May between Katy and Andy at the Overbrook House in Bourne, Ma. It was a gorgeous day for wedding celebrations and the new pair made the most of it enjoying the outdoors all day long. 

The reception kicked off with a warm welcome from the father of the bride and was followed up with a touching vocal performance by Katy's mother. Following that were a lot of happy tears produced during a toast by Andy's brother. After, the matron of honor brought the comic relief, and some tears of her own, of course. 

Then, blast off! The reception moved to one of the many cottages on this sprawling venue where Katy and Andy lit up the dance floor, literally. Nice kicks, Andy. We were very fortunate to be a part of this awesome wedding with some really genuine folks that made us feel welcome. Congrats to the newlyweds, may your light continue to shine through for years to come!

Rick & Steff's Wedding Rhyme

With a crisp breeze of love in the air, Rick and Steffanie tied the knot at the Willowdale Estate in Topsfield Massachusetts this past May. Their family and friends were a lively bunch and we captured a ton of great moments, too many to fit in this highlight. Melissa, the Matron of Honor delivered a really cool toast in the form of a 'Dr. Suess'- like poem. It was carefully crafted, just like this video! Thanks Melissa, we dug it! 

We hope you enjoy and don't forget to check out the slide show below and Rick and Steff's Instagram preview trailer. Just follow the hashtag! #rickandsteff


Runaway Wedding

We are very excited to say that City Point Films has gone international! This highlight comes to you from Jamaica at the Jewel Runaway Bay Resort. Harry and Lauren's wedding was a relaxing, week long celebration on a beautiful part of the island. It was an impressive gathering of family and friends for an island wedding and to have such a big crowd there really made the difference all week. 

Jewel was a sprawling resort that had it all. From the hyper competitive beach volleyball games to the almost unnecessarily large water park to Club Bling...yes that's right, CLUB BLING. There was never a dull moment. Especially in BLING, the Hatz/Bellegarde crew shut it down. 

A very special thanks to Harry's sister, Britney and Echo Studios for volunteering to produce this cover song for their wedding video. We hope you enjoy it!