She's The Judge

Ladies and Gents believe us when we say nothing...NOTHING can prepare you for Danielle, Steve and their family and friends. They are a forceful tidal wave of fun that sweeps you up, rolls you around and spits you out on the shoreline somewhere, barely breathing... okay that's a little dramatic but you get the point! From the moment we met up with them you could really feel the energy and excitement family and friends had for each other and were thrilled to witness Danielle and Steve tie the knot, and that they did!

After the Ceremony the newlyweds traveled to the Ipswich Country Club to celebrate and yes, they knew how. From the incredible bridal party entrances to last dance of the night the Danielle, Steve and the rest of the gang enjoyed non - stop laughs, a lot of hugs and seriously showcased the moves on the dance floor. This crew really made us feel welcome and we feel very fortunate to have been a part of their wedding day. Enjoy the highlights and congrats to Danielle and Steve!!   

The Recipe Of Love

We're back on the Cape to celebrate the wedding of our new favorite west coast imports slash east coast export's, Amber and Brian! This vocally and musically inclined pair got hitched this past fall at the historical Overbrook House in Bourne. This was our second time at the retreat and our first time meeting the bride and groom face to face as they've been kicking it on the west coast for awhile, though Brian assures me he's still a rabid New England sports fan, and who wouldn't be?!

The wedding day kicked off with both the bride and groom and their respective wolfpacks hanging out in the big house to get ready. They took full advantage of the space and put a personal touch on the living room that we thought was pretty cool. As Amber and the ladies prepared with a champagne toast upstairs, Brian and the men were having a quick jam session in the living room that pretty much set the tone for all the awesomeness to come.

We had a real storybook kind of setting for the first look in the woods with the sun breaking through the canopy. As Amber approached Brian we half expected little cartoon animals to start popping out from behind tree trunks and bushes.

The ceremony was as awesome as the first look and we're wondering who we should be thanking for the cleanest audio source we've ever had. It shouldn't really have come as too much of a surprise, however given our bride and grooms experience on the mic. 

After some cocktails the newlyweds and their guests retired under the tent for a little shade, food and some great toasts by some close friends. Brian told us the story of his courtship of Amber, which came with advice for young Matthew to consider later in life. Good advice. 

As if things hadn't gone well enough, the wedding party entrances, first dance and parent dances were outstanding! Not to mention a touching vocal performance by Amber for Brian. We dug it! 

Easily said, this couple are the cats pajamas. We had a great time capturing their wedding day and getting to know them and their wild, crazy, awesome friends and family. We hope you enjoy the highlights and a big congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Packer!!!! 

Tying the Knot In Truro

It was our first trip to the Provincetown area this summer for the wedding celebration of Dan and Jean Marc. As residents, these guys knew a thing or two about the area, we were in for the full P-town experience! 

The weekend kicked off with a cocktail party and a special performance from the politically incorrect Miss Richfield, at the 8 Dyer Hotel. Afterwards we sent the drone up to take a look around before we heading to Truro.

The weather for the wedding was perfect for some more aerial shots, and we captured some stunning views of Pamet Harbor. Meanwhile, down at the Yacht Club, Connie and her team at The Perfect Plan were busy making the modestly sized yacht club really sprawl out to accommodate the rowdy friends and family. The tent would come in clutch during cocktail hour later, that sun was intense, thanks Connie! 

Fast forward to the ceremony, with some colorful umbrellas and the Hyannis sound performing some phenomenal acapella Dan and Jean Marc made their way down the aisle to finally make their 20 year relationship lawfully official. With their friend Benjamin presiding and the couple saying their I do's the newlyweds sealed their vows with a kiss and walked off into the sunset. 

We had a pleasure hanging with Dan and Jean Marc and their rowdy friends and family. Check out the highlights and don't forget to catch the preview reel if you haven't already.  Congratulations to the newlyweds! 

To Have and to Holak

We're back at the Lakeview Pavilion and its sporting a fresh new look! Seriously, we think the paint was still drying. It was a perfect day by the lake for Chris and Nicole, but first the pair headed to St. Mary's where friends and family packed the church to witness the newlyweds officially tie the knot.

Fast forward to cocktail hour at the Pavilion where the guests lounged by the lake to enjoy the view. Afterwards, the reception kick off with some show stopping entrances from the bridal party! They really showcased the moves. Of course, there were some usual suspects among them, so not too surprising, but impressive for sure.  

Then it was time for the main event as the newlyweds shared an intimate first dance followed by a really touching mother daughter dance with Nicole, her mother and her two sisters. From there, was TURNT! 

We had a blast capturing some great moments with Chris, Nicole and some very familiar faces that we were happy to see again. We hope you enjoy the highlights and congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Holak! 


Fun, Love & The Bradley's


It was clear blue day for Elise & Colin’s wedding celebration up in Haverhill this past June and FUN was in the air.

The Bradley and Powers families packed the Sacred Heart Parish for the ceremony and although a wedding ceremony generally speaking is very serious business, this one had more than its fair share of laughs. If you know Colin and Elise, then you know why.

The reception was hosted by DJ Wild Bill and kicked off with some great entrances from the bridal party. Then, the bride and groom brought the noise! 

Colin’s brother and Elise’s sister kept the laughs going with some great toasts and from then on it was a non-stop party. Safe to say this was a fun one. We’re excited to share the highlights! Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Bradley!

Harborside with John & Micaela

We’re back in the Harbor! This time with the Flynn/Mangino families to celebrate the wedding if Micaela and John. The sky was a clear blue an we got a perfect sea breeze that came in handy for some great photo ops with Micaela’s flowing veil and a great first look on the boardwalk. 

Afterwards, the bridal party jumped on the trolley to Charlestown for the ceremony. Surrounded by their closest family and friends Micaela and John said their I do’s. Then it was back on the trolley to the Hyatt for a refreshing cocktail hour and just as the sun was setting the reception kicked off.

We had some rowdy entrances by the bridal party and then our newlyweds showcased some slick dance moves! The Father of the Bride welcomed everyone with a great toast complete with puns and props. The maid of honor had some kind words of joy and admiration for her big sister and the best man made some confessions that as he put it, felt so good to get off his chest. It always does, doesn’t it?! Dave…we hope you catch a fish soon.

From there it was a non stop dance party with a brief intermission to take a big group photo with John, Micaela and the UNH, Mass Maritime crews. We had a great time hanging with this crew and we’re excited to show you the highlights, enjoy! 

Oceanside with Kristen & Sean

The weather has been very…New England-y lately, but you couldn’t have asked for anything better this past April for Kristen and Sean’s wedding at the Oceancliffe Resort in Newport RI.

At the time, we had no idea where they were taking us, but as you’ll see, the couple found a spot for their first look with a pretty stunning view. Afterwards, Kristen and Sean shipped it back to the Oceancliffe for the ceremony to say their I do’s…and they did.

Have to add this, because we’re not sure if the highlight will do it justice, Kristen and Sean’s guests were ROWDY. You can usually point out early on who’s the life of the party, not so with this crew.

As you may have guessed the bridal party was no different. They kicked off the reception with one hell of an entrance followed by Kristen and Sean’s first dance, and after some more dancing, some really great toasts and a surprise wardrobe change, Nightshift brought the noise and this crew went bananas.

What a way to kick off wedding season 2016. We are very excited to share with you Kristen and Sean’s wedding highlight. We hope you enjoy! 

Brian & Patrice's NYE Wedding

There are lots of ways to celebrate the new year, some more memorable than others. You can head into town with your respecitve wolfpack and raise hell…or order in, kick your feet up and watch the ball drop…or you could do it like Patrice and Brian. Invite all of your family and friends to the historic Omni Parker House in Boston for a wedding celebration and really class it up. 

If you missed it, you missed out! The reception was jam packed with memorable moments, like some great toasts to the bride and groom, a special dance shared by Patrice and Brian’s grandmothers and a surprisingly well performed rendition of a Backstreet Boys song by Brian the Xaverian crew…safe to say it wasn’t their first time doing it. 

Here are some highlights to enjoy! Congratulations to Patrice and Brian and Happy 2016! 

Chris & Shannon's Autumn Wedding

This past October we were in Sharon, Massachusetts at the Saphire Estate to capture the wedding celebration of Chris and Shannon. This New England fall day called for some rain, but for an Army Veteran like Chris and his soon to be wife know, a little rain never hurt anyone. Just before the couple was about to say their I do’s, the sky really opened up! They say that’s good luck, either way, Chris and Shannon rolled with the punches it and everyone got a good laugh out of it.

After ceremony 2.0 indoors, the bridal party got the party started with some great entrances followed by some thoughtful toasts by the Best Man and Maid Of Honor. Afterwards, the newlweds cut a cake that looked so good, it’s hard to believe it was edible. Then the dancefloor opened up and the couple and their guests got after it all night.

We had such a good time hanging with this crew and it was a pleasure to capture some special moments for this awesome couple. Special thanks to all the men and women of our military who answer the call so we can enjoy nights like this one. 

Congrats to the Chris and Shannon, we hope you enjoy the highlights! 


Love On Top

The Nelson’s, Labombard’s and friends headed west to the Log Cabin in Holyoke Massachusetts to celebrate the wedding of Katelyn and Sean. It was a textbook New England fall day as the couple shared their vows on the terrace overlooking a deep valley. There was even a little town down there! Of course, Jeff had a birds eye view, using the drone to capture some aerial shots. 

After the ceremony, the wedding party moved it inside to perform some well choreographed entrances followed by some very thoughtful toasts from the Maid of Honor and the Best Men. After some cake mushing, the newlyweds hit the dance floor and thanks to DJ Chris McKillop, the party was non-stop. 

We're excited to show you the highlights. Congrats to Katelyn and Sean! 

Chris & Amanda's Ring Ceremony

It's been one hell of a week in New England. Labor day weekend brought about the exoneration of our beloved Tom Brady and tomorrow Pats Nation will hang the banner and flaunt their 4th Super Bowl rings before the season opener. It just so happens we're ready to show you Chris and Amanda's Patriots themed wedding highlight, what timing! 

It was a scorcher in July when the couple kicked off their wedding celebrations. But inside Chris and Amanda's nerves were as cool as the other side of the pillow. After nine years together, the reception was a reflection of their relationship together, a lot of fun. 

Congratulations to Amanda, Chris and their crazy families! We hope you enjoy the highlights!   

Michael & Janet's Seaport Wedding

It was an unusually cool and rainy day at the Seaport Hotel this past June. However, inside the warmth of family and friends could be felt as Michael and Janet tied the knot. The traditional Jewish ceremony was performed by Michael's close friend Moshe, an esteemed Rabbi and coincidentally a master of comedic timing. It was easily the funniest ceremony we've ever been to!

After, the Men in Black kicked off the reception with a bang, followed by a couple of awesome musical performances by friends of the newlyweds, tons of dancing, but most of all there was cowbell. Lots and lots of cowbell. We're excited to share the highlights. Congrats to Michael and Janet!